Why Moulty ?

Sometime in the mid 70s my friend Phil obtained the NME book of Rock.It was quite a slim volume there wasnt that much rock about and to some extent it had lost its way.


Among the A-Z entries under P was Punk Rock, not the safety pin brit type, that was a few years down the road. This was the American response to the british invasion of the 60,s essentially american copies of the Stones and the Yardbirds, themselves copies of american blues artists.


The article was rather patronising, things had moved on, we now had Gentle Giant for gods sake. It described Punk as a primitive artform, a bit like skiffle, anyone could have a go. One of the bands who took this attitude were The Barbarians who allegedly had’ get this’ ‘A ONE ARMED DRUMMER’.Well find me anyone who wouldnt want to see that!

Obviously in pre You tube and Spotify days the Barbarians remained an enigma to me until I purchased the Nuggets compilation. The track contained withing entitled ‘Moulty’ was rather a disapointment in fact it probably wasnt really the Barbarians but rather session musicians or even the fledgling Band. It was rather overcooked.

After a few years it became easier to hear (and see) the Barbarians and what we have is a rather good punky beat group knocking out tunes with a lot of enthusiasm and good humour; sample ‘Are you a boy or are you a Girl’. It appears that Moulty has two arms but appears to be lacking in the hand department settling for a stick/hook type  prosthetic. Good drumming technique demands hand and wrist control so its probably not surprising he’s not exactly Steve Gadd but there he is lammin into the skins like he means it and I love him for it.


So Moulty, a genuine enigma and a symbol of triumph over adversity; we salute you!


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