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Cuckoos Nest

Ashley Hutchings, a man who had frequently played the UFO club at the hight of the swinging 60’s,a man who had jammed with Hendrix and had rubbed shoulders with Pink Floyd was becoming more and more fixated with an increasingly … Continue reading

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By 1975 Rod Stewart had come a very long way indeed. Five years earlier he was the unemployed singer previously in proper rock band, the Jeff Beck Group who in many respects were the template for Led Zeppelin. His solo records and … Continue reading

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Going Dutch

Its ironic that the average music fan is so conversant with the music of the USA. From the days of Trad Jazz we have looked to the states for inspiration and we are are far more likely to be aware of … Continue reading

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My First Guitar

I was quite terrified of music in primary school. I can remember this quite clearly as I have a memory of a teacher telling us that at her next lesson she would bring some percussion instruments in for us to … Continue reading

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