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Elmer P Bleaty

If Steeleye Span could attract the patronage of Noel Edmonds (yes I did spell his name wrong in my last post) folk was becoming a force to be reckoned with. Times were a changing and not everyone was happy with electric … Continue reading

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Bowie and Bolan

Amazingly we never got to see the full performance because allegedly the show ran out of time and it was more important to finish promptly than record a rare chance to see two legends  perform together I have no … Continue reading

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Darkness, More Darkness, Magic and Noel Edmunds

It does seem slightly ludicrous at this time of year when I can still wear a T Shirt out of doors that Christmas imagery still dwells on the mythical white snow which I cant ever recall seeing on Christmas day. … Continue reading

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Motorhead..the Early Years

So good bye Lemmy. You may have a fairly good idea of what Motorhead sound like and if you are as old as me you may have memories of what I consider the classic line up of Lemmy,Fast Eddie Clarke … Continue reading

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