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The End Of The Eagles

The Eagles seemed to be everywhere on the 70’s. Radio just loved them, you couldn’t go an hour without another of their catchy yet strangely bland tunes coming on. For me there was never a more apt description of their … Continue reading

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Unreliable Video and Earth Wind and Fire

Our school lessons in the 70’s were not exactly inspiring. Unless you were doing something ‘arty’ we invariably worked from exercise books or the teacher would talk a bit and write on the board after which he would ask you … Continue reading

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Another 5 Years

Bowie began the second half of the 70’s in a very bad way indeed. Physically and mentally he was in poor shape as a direct result of his cocaine addiction. If you know anyone who’s been made a better person … Continue reading

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5 Years

With the passing of the 70’s many of the old guard were beginning to feel the effects of their own mortality. Now in their 30’s and heading for the impossibly old age of 40 they were now heading into virgin … Continue reading

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