Following on from my last brief mention of neu and kraut rock in general here is is a post from the excellent vinyl connection that covers the topic considerably more eruditely.
Please check out his blog it’s full of great stuff like this

I cannot remember the date, but I recall the exact location where I took delivery of Julian Cope’s slim but influential paperback Krautrocksampler in Autumn 1996. There was a palpable thrill in opening the mail box near the front door at Langentalstraße 6 and finding a small parcel addressed to me. Not to Herr Schmidt in #1 nor Fraulein Thomas on the top floor, but to Mr Connection, an Aussie in Mainz.

IMG_3603Perched on the broad windowsill of the first floor apartment, leaning out the window for a glimpse of the mighty Rhine and an occasional cigarette (“Kein Rauchen im Wohnzimmer, danke!”), I devoured this enthusiastic hymn to German independent rock music of the 70s. Occasionally bursting with outrage at Julian’s pronouncements – he’s very confident of his own opinions – but more often shouting a fist-pumping ‘Yea, Comrade!”, I made short work of the book and doubtless bored my…

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