Live from Granadaland 

If you ever doubted the fact that Punk just had to happen just take a look at the next two videos.As previously mentioned ‘So It Goes’ was a Granada TV production which meant that it was seen in the northwest of England but nowhere else. Living in Norwich I never got to see it but every now and again it was sneered at in the London-centric NME. Denim clad TV presenter Tony Wilson took much of the flak but the show regularly featured Australian smart arse Clive James and even Peter Cook whose persona was not actually that different to Johnny Rotten.

James and the Sex Pistols apparently ‘exchanged words’ off camera and it was apparent from the start that The Pistols were not going to be over grateful for their TV debut opportunity which was to be recorded and transmitted in September 1976.

The same could not be said about the band Gentlemen also making a debut performance. Whatever you might mike of the fiddly diddly sound of the band Gentlemen had their sights set on a musical career. As such they were putting on an act that involved silly gestures and dungaree wearing, it was an act and it was false and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve never heard of Gentlemen again.

The Sex Pistols on the other hand although they still had a bit of an act but it seemed genuine, there was a good chance that they were wearing the clothes they travelled up to Manchester in. The performance should also put paid to the ridiculous claim that the Pistols couldn’t actually play this is one tight performance. Jordan having travelled up with the band to offer emotional support tries to create a bit of controversy by throwing a plastic chair but apart from that it’s all down to the shear ferocity of performance.

Returning to collect his bass later Matlock ran into an old bloke sweeping up the studios who asked if he was in ‘that band’.Fearing a ticking off he replied he was. ‘Good’ the cleaner replied ‘ it’s about time someone wound up that fucking bunch of tossers ‘

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3 Responses to Live from Granadaland 

  1. Wil says:

    Lol as they say. Couldn’t have been better illustrated!


  2. damoneramone says:

    Really funny juxtaposition, and excellent point.


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