Rick Parfitt is Dead

The latest victim of 2016 is Rick Parfitt from Status Quo still one of my favourite bands from the early 70’s

Unfortunately remembered by a lot of the media as a coke monster rock star from the 80s Parfitt was, for a while at least, one of the best rhythm guitarists ever. He was the last to join the band and came from a guitar/vocal group making their living from holiday camp entertainment. As such he was probably the most versatile member of the band and certainly the most expressive singer although the band tended to feature Francis Rossi’s more nasal tones.

Here he is from 1970 with a fantastic vocal and guitar performance, I swear if you watch the whole thing you will hallucinate so ferocious is the boogie

Remember him this way

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  1. “Like” always seems so inappropriate. With the rate of loss of pop culture icons, perhaps a ‘Sad’ button is needed for 2017.

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