Tracking Thompson in 5 videos

According to my WordPress stats no one watches any videos I post. I also know it’s a pain for my vast international audience who often find the video is blocked in their country. Still I’ve committed commercial suicide by dragging out Tracking Thompson beyond most people’s patience so here’s another nail in the coffin.

As Van would say , it’s too late to stop now !

There’s very little footage of Richard and Linda around, it wasn’t like we chronicled every last fart in the 70’s. So they managed to make 6 albums with no visual promotion. In this clip, predictably from The Old Grey Whistle Test, you can see why they weren’t immediately appealing to my 16 year self. These performers are in their mid 20s but frighteningly grown up. Linda’s emotionally bare vocal now seems stunningly beautiful. Richard is kind of background, nice hat though

Thompson is probably as well known as a folksinger as a rock guitarist and that attracts some people and puts some off. I would guess this is from the late 80’s simply because he’s yet to arrive at the trademark beret. ‘I Misunderstood’ is one of dozens of Thompson songs that could be performed by any competent guitarist. Predictably it’s pretty dark lyrically and a bit of a party killer.

I was a little critical of some of Thompson’s output around the turn of the century labeling it ‘dadrock’. I was right in a way but on this clip Michael Jerome is on drums and he kicked Thompson out of his slippers. Also present here is Pete Zorn who played everything but here has been given the tambourine as well as son Teddy Thompson who always looks a bit pissed of when he plays with dad.

A bit of a side step next.Thompson is so talented it’s easy to underrate him. He sings, writes song, plays electric guitar and acoustic guitar, often a variety of tunings. He’s also been known to play keyboards, mandolin, banjo and dulcimer. Here he is in a supporting role but if he just chose to be an acoustic guitarist backing traditional tunes he would be one of the best(not much money in it though)

For the final clip we are almost up to date. Pete Zorn is still present and alive (he died 2 years ago) but his current bass and drums are in place. ‘Can’t Win’ has been somewhere near the Thompson set list for 25 years at least but it is always intense and an excuse for him to get quite unhinged on guitar. There’s a parallel with Neil Young (Cortez the Killer,Cowgirl in the Sand) but much as I love Crazy Horse this band destroys them

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