Lonely this Christmas..Mud

I always had a soft spot for Mud. Even in the unsophisticated world of zits and glitter in the mid 70’s the band was relentlessly unglamorous. Hailing from a satellite town  inSurrey Mud, rather like the Sweet or even the Jam were going to be perennial outsiders in the London orientated music Biz. 

With guitarist Rob Davis they were able to create a bit of gender confusion pre Boy George but lead singer Les Graylooked like he worked in an insurance office and drummer Dave Mount actually worked in insurance after the band folded. I suspect that posters of the band were underrepresented on teenage girls walls

They were good musicians ( https://thefutureispast.co.uk/2019/09/22/4-manufactured-acts-who-were-actually-pretty-good-musicians/) but unlike the Sweet or Slade they didn’t feel the need to prove or progress. In their heart of hearts, they probably liked rock and roll like most adult musicians in the 70’s, it was the music they had grown up with and, best of all, Les could do a pretty good Elvis impersonation. 

Svengalis Chinn and Chapman had the monopoly on the song writing  and decided to play to the band’s strengths with ‘Lonely this Christmas’ which, contrary to popular belief was neve recorded by Elvis but would have done his career no harm at all had he done so.

Realising that the best they could achieve was a pastiche, Mud played it for laughs on Top of the Pops with a ton of snow and a ventriloquist’s dummy doing the spoken part. Millions would have watched this together on the Christmas day Top of the Pops. Like Slade, Mud were always able to give the impression they were having the best time ever for every appearance. We were waiting for punk to happen, clearly Mud were not about to become the next Beatles but for 3 minutes they were all we needed at Christmas.


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