Paul McCartney saves Christmas

You are 78 years old. Your mother dies when you were 14. Your closest male friend is gunned down and your wife and ‘baby brother ‘ bandmate are taken by cancer. And that’s all before you reach the age of 60.

Like anyone who has lived a life Paul McCartney has baggage. And like everyone else he’s been locked down for the last nine months. He’s been making music for over 50 years, not just recycling his past, the McCartney back catalogue is a living breathing thing

The fact is that McCartney just can’t stop playing music and having been locked down for most of this year its inevitable that he’s been recording. The featured track (do singles even exist?) found its way onto my YouTube feed and it’s a beautiful glimmer of optimism for these dark days.

You never used to be

Afraid of days like these

But now you’re overwhelmed 

By your anxieties

Let me help you out

Let me be your guide

I can help you reach

The love you feel inside

The Album’s on Spotify, these are corporate times but to hell with negativity just enjoy an old man delighting in creating melodies out of thin air

Merry Christmas

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