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Goodbye Mr Baker

When I was a very young man I knew the names of two rock drummers, one inevitably was Ringo Starr, the other, less predictably, was Ginger Baker. This was largely because the BBC did a documentary ‘Ginger Baker in Africa’, I … Continue reading

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Richard Thompson’s 70th, Albert Hall

I suppose I must be the archetypical Richard Thompson follower. A few years back I caught him at a festival appearance where he pronounced that  the audience was like ‘looking out at a sea of Terry Pratchets’ Grey hair, grey beard and enough disposable income … Continue reading

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It’s all in the Name

In the early 90’s I was employed as a Social Worker based in a Derbyshire town. Tuesday was court duty day where we would hang about the magistrates youth court picking up any work related to the Juvenile offenders of that fair county. … Continue reading

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4 Manufactured Acts who were actually Pretty Good Musicians

We are pretty worldly-wise  and sceptic about manufactured pop groups these days. Post Milli Vanilli we don’t necessarily expect a lot in terms of authenticity from our hit makers, who cares if they can’t play and cant sing!. The concept of the manufactured group goes back to … Continue reading

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This is Pop….The Tours

A Rock map of Great Britain would feature the south east heavily, concentrating on London and the home counties. The northwest would also show a lot of activity, the jewel in the crown being the Beatles of course although by … Continue reading

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Changing Basses..Roxy Music

If you were to put a gun to my head and ask me if I liked Roxy Music I would immediately respond in the affirmative; unless you were a hunt saboteur that is in which case a would deny any … Continue reading

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Prog Bedfellows

I can’t claim any credit for this brilliant photo, Can you name the two albums ( one is easy I know)

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