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The Joy of Sax

If you were a young man hoping to make your way in the world of popular music in the 1920’s and you wanted to be the star of the show there was only one real choice of instrument to play … Continue reading

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Five Forgotten Bands of the 70’s

After my ratings busting last two posts, overrated and underrated, this weekwe are looking at bands who never got big enough to be overrated or underrated, here are 5 bands that time has almost forgotten As Jung said ‘there is gold in the dark’ … Continue reading

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Ok, so overrated was hard and contentious and possibly offensive (lighten up it’s just one person’s opinion!). But what could go wrong with underrated , we love the underdog don’t we ? Similar rules, all British all linked in some … Continue reading

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When it comes to reputations context is everything, we filter the past through the prism of the present. When I was and impressionable teenager ‘Sgt Pepper’ was officially not only the best Beatles LP but the best long playing record … Continue reading

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One of the advantages of being 60, as opposed to 40 or even 50, is that I don’t have the 80’s or 90’s as my golden age of music. Let’s face it, being old is at best ok, the time … Continue reading

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It was 40 Years ago Today…Blair Peach

This Sunday a large proportion of TV drama lovers will be sitting down to watch the final episode of ‘Line of Duty’. The highly successful BBC show has had a few series, I cant remember how many, and now, I … Continue reading

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Journey to Ireland 1979 pt 2

Apparently the aboriginal people of Australia used to have the ability to find their way about the outback, even places where they had never been before. This seems less far-fetched when I consider my own abilities in the 70’s to … Continue reading

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