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Pete Townsend says something a bit stupid (again ).

After a lifetime of saying, and doing, some pretty stupid things it’s quite refreshing to find Pete Townsend still able to make new idiotic statements. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine he recently said he was relieved that former … Continue reading

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The present pop charts may be a bit shite but in terms of consistency they make perfect sense, there’s loads of pop, a bit of rap and a very specific type of production that makes everything sound very processed. Not … Continue reading

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This is Pop, ‘Gabrielle’, the Nips

Shane MacGowen was a face on the UK punk scene almost from its inception. His face in itself was a remarkable feature, even by British 70’s standards, due to standard abysmal dental hygiene and treatment and aided by a copious intake … Continue reading

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Perfecting Sound Forever ?*

I remember quite clearly the first time I became aware of the pleasure one could derive from the stereophonic experience. Rather ridiculously I could have been as old as eleven, but it was on a family visit to my Grandmother’s … Continue reading

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Grandad….Clive Dunn

Its almost impossible to comprehend at a distance of 50 years just how popular the TV series Dad’s Army was. The show initially expected that it would appeal to people who had lived through the second world war, bear in mind that this … Continue reading

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Unsung Hero’s…Herbie Flowers

According to his own testimony, Herbie Flowers wasn’t a particularly good bass player, that’s part of his own self depreciating personality but also slightly true.    Musical talent is part of the equation but not the whole story. Flowers is a bass … Continue reading

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Richard Thompson’s 70th, Albert Hall

I suppose I must be the archetypical Richard Thompson follower. A few years back I caught him at a festival appearance where he pronounced that  the audience was like ‘looking out at a sea of Terry Pratchets’ Grey hair, grey beard and enough disposable income … Continue reading

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