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Into the 80’s…Landscape

In the summer of 1977 as punk was sweeping the nation, a group of my friends invited me to join them in seeing a Jazz Rock group at the Norwich Arts Centre. Today this would seem quite a pleasant prospect, … Continue reading

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Into the 80’s….

Clearly the idea of decades being separate entities is fairly ridiculous, but the eighties seemed to arrive with full force almost on cue. The music of 1981 was quite different to the music of 1979, by the mid 80’s music … Continue reading

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17: Keys to your Heart..the 101ers

I was going to write a more substantial piece about the 101ers but I found I had already done this a couple of years ago, that’s the great thing about a failing memory; life is full of surprises. Here’s my … Continue reading

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16: Janie Jones….The Clash

The conventional story is that punk hit hard in 1977 and things were never the same again. That might have been the case in the London world of the New Musical Express or even the Factory Records world in Manchester. … Continue reading

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Going Mad pt3 Madsongs

After the 60’s the 70’s was a bit of a comedown. Most of the optimism was reserved for the new artists setting out on their careers. For the hero’s of the 60’s its was a period of being a bit … Continue reading

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Going Mad pt 2… Madmen

There’s probably quite a high correlation between music and mental health. Certainly creative types are prone to mood swings, often it’s what makes them creative, throw in factors such as unconventional lifestyles and drink and drugs and it’s not surprising … Continue reading

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Going Mad

We’ve just had another mental health week (message ‘be kind’). Even the future King of England wants to be talking about mental health, mental health is everywhere, we recognise that there are parallels with physical health, it fluctuates, maybe there … Continue reading

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15:Hallogallo… Neu

Covid coma has hit me this week so I am recycling an old post Hallogallo holds a place in my heart even though I’ve sometimes gone decades without listening to it. This is partly because its a great track perfectly … Continue reading

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14: Welcome to the Working Week..Elvis Costello

So, it’s ok to go back to work as long as you can’t work from home (I can!) and its safe to do so (?) and you can get there without using public transport (??), or you can use public … Continue reading

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Do people record instrumentals anymore ? In my early childhood instrumentals were a staple of the top 20. From Russ Conway to  Lord Rockingham’s XI, from James Last to Mantovani from the Shadows to Fleetwood Mac, I could go on but I wont. Bear in mind … Continue reading

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