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It was 40 years ago today….John Otway

Coming from a small city city myself I’m always drawn to bands and artists who appear, as if by magic, from somewhere that a bit different and remote. A sense of physical remoteness often lends a certain individuality to their … Continue reading

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Tom Petty 1977

It is quite apparent that the mythical holy grail of ‘making it’ in music is only partially reliant on talent. The people who rise to the top are clearly not the most talented in their particular field. You could see … Continue reading

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The necessary fashion accoutrement for the aspiring bohemian at my school was the canvas rucksack. Cheap and hard wearing, available at all army surplus shops, the bag suggested ‘although I recognise that I have to carry school work around this … Continue reading

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Going Dutch

Its ironic that the average music fan is so conversant with the music of the USA. From the days of Trad Jazz we have looked to the states for inspiration and we are are far more likely to be aware of … Continue reading

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Enter Budgie

One of the first gigs I went to was Budgie. A Budgie gig was a rite of passage if you lived in Norwich in the early 70’s because they seemed to play at least twice a year while other bands … Continue reading

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Harveys House of Horrors

Its arguable that there is just too much music about on the TV these days and ironic given the years that produced some of the best rock music ever were so poorly recorded. To have no video evidence of ,say, Nick … Continue reading

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