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It was 40 years ago today….John Otway

Coming from a small city city myself I’m always drawn to bands and artists who appear, as if by magic, from somewhere that a bit different and remote. A sense of physical remoteness often lends a certain individuality to their … Continue reading

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My drug experience with Man 

   There’s a conventional wisdom with general anaesthetics which the medical profession never tells you about and that is that you should never make any important decisions such as taking out a loan or making a will in the week … Continue reading

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Unsung Heros Georg Kajanus

WHO? Well lets give the man his full name; for a start we are talking about Prince Georg  Johan Tchegodaieff singer, guitarist, artist,  composer, songwriter, inventor of the Nickelodeon and all round renaissance man. Most importantly for the purposes of … Continue reading

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New Music

A little while back I was at a wake, my preferred social engagement these days, and a young man engaged me in conversation. He asked me what music I am listening to these days. I’ve always been very uneasy about … Continue reading

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Flirting with Prog

As a grammar school boy I really ought to have had more time for prog but I really couldn’t be arsed. In the early part of the decade I just liked all sorts of music from ‘nellie the elephant ‘to … Continue reading

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So WHat The Hell Was Prog Rock?

Prog Rock has become one of the decade’s guilty secrets. By 1979 even remembering Genesis or Yes had become a terrible ‘rockist’ thought crime. These are kinder more tolerant days and now we can look back and spare a chuckle … Continue reading

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The Very Best Of Italian Prog

As I’m in Sicily this week her is a truncated post  featuring Italian Proggers PFM. Prog was very popular in Italy where Van Der Graf, of all people were worshiped like Gods. PFM almost achieve breakthrough status which means they … Continue reading

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