I’ve been struck down by virus this week so haven’t prepared a post.
Luckily vinylconnection has produced this eloquent look at 1977 through 10 albums. Yep it wasn’t all punk there was no stopping Genesis or Jethro Tull. Little Feet had hit the end of the road and o thought Low was 1976 but haven’t really got the energy to check that. Thanks Vinyl you’ve save my bacon


Forty years ago.

Punk sprouted, prog continued, pop morphed; great albums littered the highways of contemporary music…

This is the first post of a possible series, presenting albums worthy of acclaim four decades after release.

I’ve excluded albums previously covered at Vinyl Connection. So to read about the following gold-plated favourites, just click on the link.

Steely Dan — Aja

Genesis — Wind & Wuthering

Radio Birdman — Radios Appear

Steve Winwood — Steve Winwood

Tangerine Dream — Sorcerer

The Vibrators — Pure Mania

Ramones — Rocket To Russia

Plus a whole lotta jazz funk and some John Sangster.

The biggest challenge was limiting this pop/rock list to just ten. Leaving out The Idiot by Iggy Pop was painful, while overlooking faux-Essex poet Ian Dury (New Boots & Panties) was an outrage. But enough equivocating.

Let the countdown begin.

10  Santana — Moonflower

Given its unusual combination…

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  1. Happy to fill the gap. Hope you recover quickly.

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